Philip Ewart


Philip is a manager of a commercial and residential surveying and construction company. His firm builds all sorts of properties including commercial and residential dwellings.  

Philip explains:

“I’ve worked with Mark for more than 10 years, as he previously worked for my father and his business. I regularly refer my clients to Mark to help them get the finances in place to build their properties. Knowing that they are in safe hands gives me the assurance that they can afford to pay for the build.”

How did we help?

“Mark has also dealt with my personal finances and has sorted out a number of Buy to Let mortgages and self-build mortgages, some of which have been complex. In addition, Mark has put in place suitable life insurance to ensure that my wife and son will be financially secure if the worst should happen to me.”

How did you benefit?

“I know I can trust Mark. He is completely honest and if he can see that a client simply can’t afford what they want to borrow, he will tell them so, rather than push them into an unsuitable mortgage.

He is very flexible; I work long hours, but he is always willing to work around my schedule to get things done. He’s also proactive, prompting me on the next steps, rather than me having to move things along.

And I don’t just recommend Mark to my clients; I’ve recommended him to several friends and family too.”

We work with a commercial and residential surveying and construction company, helping their clients to secure mortgages for the properties they want to buy or construct.

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