Paul & Michelle Maginn


Paul and Michelle are married with three young children. Paul is a Contracts Manager with a building company and Michelle is an accountant with a local firm.

Paul explains:

“I was referred to Mark for help getting a mortgage on our first home, which was a 3-bed semi. We thought he was excellent so when we decided to self-build a new home in 2014, we didn’t hesitate to contact him.”

How did we help?

“When it comes to building your own home, there is enough to manage, without the worry of how to get the funding! Mark shopped around for the best self-build mortgage for our needs and got everything in place fairly quickly.

With self-build mortgages, funds are released to you at certain stages in the build process, either in arrears or in advance. Mark did a great job of managing those staged payments and helping us to identify what restrictions we had at different stages.”

How did you benefit?

“With Mark’s help, we didn’t have to worry about funds holding up any of the build stages.

We now meet Mark on an annual basis and we always feel that he’s a step ahead of us when it comes to anticipating our needs. He has since organised life protection for us, so the mortgage will be paid if anything should happen to us. This gives us peace of mind about the children.

Mark is really professional and always has everything prepared so that he can cut through to the information we need. He appreciates that we’re busy people and is willing to have evening appointments with us.

Mark is an intelligent and trustworthy person. I know that he is always seeking opportunities for the betterment of his clients. That’s really important to us and the reason why we’ve continued to work with him over the years. I’ve since referred him to my mum and brother-in-law.”

When they decided to build their own home, we helped Paul and Michelle to secure a self-build mortgage.

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