Josephine McGrath

Approaching retirement

Josephine is 55 and has worked as a secretary at a college for 34 years. She is married to Thomas who is 57 and works for the local council. They’ve been married for 31 years and have two grown-up daughters.

Josephine explains:

“When we got married all those years ago, we approached Colum to help us with our mortgage and life insurance, and we’ve worked with him ever since. He always knows exactly what we need and checks up on us every year.”

How did we help?

“Some years ago, we started thinking about moving house. We didn’t go ahead with the move, but it prompted us to look at all of our pensions which were all over the place. I pulled out all the paperwork that I’d gathered over the years and handed it all over to Colum.

He discovered pensions that we didn’t realise we had. One pension was frozen and matured; not making any money at all; another pension had matured. Colum advised us on what to do with each one and reinvested them altogether into one pension, which is much easier for us to keep track of.

We actually discovered that we were much better off than we thought, and we have a lot to look forward to.”

How did you benefit?

“Colum has brought order out of chaos. I couldn’t have done it myself as it’s so complicated, and you need to know who to deal with. I know I would have gone the wrong way with certain things. If I had to make all these decisions on my own, I would take any extra money we had and spend it on ourselves or the girls. Instead, Colum advises us on all of the options and allows us to decide what to do.

I’ve never worked with any other financial adviser and I have no qualms in recommending Colum to my friends and family. I feel completely at ease with him and there are very few people I could say that about. He is very experienced and completely professional, so I know that everything is being taken care of.

Now that my daughter wants to start a pension, I’ll be contacting Colum to help her get things in place for her retirement.

My husband and I are both still working, and our goal is to retire at 60. I know that with Colum by our side, we’re more likely to achieve our goal than if we try to do this alone. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.”

We’ve helped to bring order out of chaos for Josephine and her husband, giving them more confidence about their retirement.

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